Receiving a yearbook upon graduation is an important rite of passage and your students' yearbook is certain to be treasured for many years to come. At Swift Print, we craft high quality yearbooks, printed on-site to ensure prompt delivery and optimal quality.


Our yearbooks can feature a variety of different sections, including:


  •  class and group photos
  •  student profiles
  •  staff profiles
  •  candid photos of students and staff
  •  event photos from proms, sporting events and school trips
  •  newsworthy events during the students' time in school
  •  awards and superlatives
  •  baby pictures and humorous photos

         …and anything else you desire!


Swift Print offers a wide array of different yearbook styles and designs. We also offer several different binding options.


Our clients are free to provide a fully-customised design for printing or you can work with Swift Print's design team to create a unique layout for your yearbook or trip book project.


Trip Books


A trip book is the perfect way to commemorate a delightful event, such as a class trip.


Swift Print offers customised print books, which serve as the ideal memento of your students' trip, whether it was a day trip, weekend trip or a longer travel adventure.


Our trip books can be used to imbue the event with added educational value, while providing students with a lovely way to remember the event.


Our clients are welcome to submit their own trip book layout or you can work with our designers to come up with the perfect layout for your book.