School Prospectus Design and Printing


Swift Print specialises in educational printing projects, including school prospectuses. Your school's prospectus is a key marketing material as it's often amongst the first items your prospective students and parents will view as they consider your school.


In short, your school prospectus says a lot about your educational institution and that message should be an overwhelmingly positive one! You need a beautiful, classy school prospectus which reflects your school's unique branding and culture.


When you work with the experts at Swift Print, you can rest assured knowing you're working with a team of professionals with lots of experience in prospectus design. We'll work with you to help you highlight your academy, college, university or private school in an optimally effective manner.  The finished result will be an attractive and essential marketing tool which informs students and parents about your school, its offerings and its culture.


In addition to school prospectus design services, Swift Print also offers print solutions.  So we're happy to print your finished school prospectus. Clients are also welcome to submit their own, pre-designed prospectus for printing.


Swift Print performs all printing on-site, not overseas. This allows for a prompt, affordable printing job. We understand that your school prospectus can rapidly become outdated due to new educational programs, updates and expansions to your school's campus and the turnover in staff. So the team at Swift Print goes the extra mile to ensure that your printing project is affordable and economical, without compromising quality.


If you require assistance designing and printing a new prospectus for your school, academy, university or college, contact Swift Print by calling (08) 6296 5411.