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Customised School Planners for Students


At Swift Print, we offer custom school planners which are perfect for meeting the needs of the students at your school, academy, college or university.


Swift Print's talented designers are available to craft a one of a kind design for your student planner or clients are free to submit their own design.


Our clients can add or revise our standard student planner, which includes:


  •  personal details
  •  200 diary pages (one day per page, 9 periods per day)
  •  fortnightly timetable
  •  calendar
  •  contacts section
  •  39-week academic year planner
  •  term summary pages
  •  assessment records
  •  section for miscellaneous notations


Our clients are free to replace some or all of our standard content with their own custom contact.0


If you're ready to order custom teacher diaries for your school's staff, we invite you to contact the printing experts at Swift Print today. Call us on (08) 6296 5411.